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Man with a belt and pants, the election of the more stylish!

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It is said that the man's belt is the second face, the remark is not false. A good belt is not only more and more to bring your temperament, but also make your style more of a style. But there are many men in here quite a few detours. Wrong belt with too many cases, men should reflect and wary. Pants belt as a bodyguard, naturally all the time to be close to the belt.
Today small belt and pants with a lesson for everyone on it! Reasons for choosing the wrong belt:
First, the biggest reason is that style is not consistent with this body if your dress is business attire, but you chose a rivet belt, so access to the exclusive gatherings, it is very inappropriate.
Second, most often with a belt, as well as the choice of the wrong color on. Pants to make a judgment according to the best mix of color is the color of the belt is pants. Do not think that this year, hit the popular color, also like playing hit color in the pants and belt, but this seems to have hit the color is inevitable ups and downs Oh!
Third, the cause of the error also appears belts with this, and that is the width of the belt is the wrong choice. The trousers for example, you are displaying Mingming Pi buckle wide section, and you use a thin section of fashion sense on the entire trousers LOW out.