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Meaning belt

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Buybelts,wemustfirstunderstandwhytheratherbuyabelt. Ifitiscasualwearsuchasjeans,etc.,thenfastentrousersnaturallythefirstprerequisite,butalsomoreorlessdecorativerole(theremayalsobeexposedtobeltoutdidno

Buy belts, we must first understand why the rather buy a belt.
If it is casual wear such as jeans, etc., then fasten trousers naturally the first prerequisite, but also more or less decorative role (there may also be exposed to belt out did not reveal).
If you are a business occasion to tie the pants can not afford to make the pants down, then I suggest get within Article 100 full leather enough. Because appropriate waistline pants are good primary criterion for the lower body wear. If you want to wear loose pants too good, then I recommend that you spend a hundred to change pants, instead of playing the belt idea. If your stomach is too big pants really raised not up, then I suggest you buy suspenders (suspenders on the recommendation, later also mentioned).
Well, saying it was to ask you, is not to tie the pants belt, that is to Shaya. In fact, in modern ceremonial occasions, the belt has long been a man like jewelry watches, recognize this, to buy belts and Peidai Pi with is very important.