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BaiJin company was founded in 2001 (formerly hundred gold leather goods firm, founded in 1980). Major producers, "Jin Huang Ping" high-grade leather series; "farmer" affordable leather series; "Clockwise" straps, sling series; "hundred gold" "Tianjiao" cotton belt series; exclusive agents in Guangzhou "Timed up" high-grade leather series; hundred gold company also produces rigid, flexible two categories nearly a thousand kinds of ribbon, and according to customer requirements, design and production or to OEM Ribbon, sample production of various fabric belts, belts, braces (suspenders), and other Ribbon processing business (pendant band); professional production of foreign trade to OEM. 

Not only products sold in major and small cities, but also exported to Europe and America and the Middle East, order after another.



Clothing accessory

Backpack straps

Luggage Belt

camouflage Shoulder strap

Mens Shirt Stays Garters Sports Business Suspenders Braces For Shirts Gentleman Leg Elastic Men Shirt

Plastic duckbill buckle gloves folder

Number band

Camera Strap



Man with a belt and pants, the election of the more stylish!
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